Wine growing


Our vineyards are situated on the steep slopes of the Mittelmosel, in the oldest German wine village Neumagen-Dhron, where already the Romas made wine.

Our wines are from the Neumagener Rosengärtchen, Engelgrube, Laudamusberg and Dhroner Hofberg. The unique soil composition - Devonian Slate - allows us to grow wines with a high density of fruit flavours, delicate acidiy and minerals. The slate stores the heat of the sun and releases it slowly to the grapevine which are ideal growing conditions.

All grapes from our vineyards - mainy on steep slopes - are harvested by hand and are allowed to ripen either in wooden barrels from local oak or modern steel barrels.

We grow predominately white wine, mainly Riesling, but also “Grauen” and “Weissen Burgunder” (Pinot Gris and Pino Blanc). Since several years we extended our range to Red wines, such as “Blauer Spätburgunder” (Pinot Noir) and the german red variety “Dornfelder”. Read more at „Our Wines“.

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